3 ways the Philippines’ Premature Opposition is trying to stop a Binay presidency

Surely Filipinos deserve something better than the “lesser evil”. Perhaps. But the trouble is, Filipino voters and the mavens who shape their opinion do not believe so. With only a year and a half to go before the 2016 elections, only one man represents a credible bid for Philippine President by a far far margin […]

The Philippines’ Han Solo moment: Why the Ayungin drama made Filipinos ‘proud’

It’s all so interesting to note. One moment, Filipinos would giddily cheer the successful resupply of Philippine military personnel camped in the derelict BRP Sierra Madre which was purposely run aground in Ayungin Shoal in 1999 to seal the Philippines’ territorial claim there. Then on another, they’d give each other high-fives over what is essentially […]

PNoy’s reason for keeping the PDAF is weak, pork barrel should be abolished

The number of Filipinos who are getting fed up with Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III is definitely growing. As Churchill would say, he has all the virtues they dislike and none of the vices they admire. Granted, there are still those who are in denial of the likelihood that BS Aquino personally benefits […]

Makati Medical Center fire further highlights the health and safety hazards posed by squatter colonies

Just when you think squatters and the waste they dump in Manila’s storm drains have already been discussed to death enough, suddenly another risk posed to health and safety by the proliferation of “informal settlers” all over the Philippines’ premier metropolis has emerged: fire. This was highlighted in a huge blaze that erupted next to […]

Inquirer’s Neal Cruz likens living under Aquino Government to life in prison

Let’s not get too caught up in analogies so much lest we come across looking like an idiot. Take this moronism from Inquirer.net columnist Neal Cruz… If you were the warden of a prison and you suspect that some prisoners are planning to escape, won’t you take precautions? Will you give the prisoners passes to […]