Celebration of People is Overrated

Let’s again focus on this brilliant quote often attributed to U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, about people, events and ideas: It apparently means small people talk wild gossip and rumors about people (who they are likely backstabbing). Average people talk about events that they just observe, without any desire to change anything. Really intelligent people […]

Pinoys Abuse Nature Like Nobody’s Business And Then Cry Like Babies When She Lashes Out

I remember someone saying that a lot of Filipinos are “asar-talo”. This translates to a person who loves to make fun of others but cry bloody murder when the tables are turned on him and given a taste of his own medicine. I don’t know about you but I’ve met my share of that kind of people. […]

A Moment Of Silence For A Dead Anonymous Dolphin…

I’ve already written an article similar to this but I’m putting this up again because some of us really need to know what’s happening in our sad little country. Just to refresh your memory, here’s the video in question again so you’ll have a better idea why I’m really upset right now. Apparently, a rare […]

Bakit Nga Ba Walang Respeto Sa Kalikasan Ang Mga “Modernong Pilipino”?

Hay naku, heto na naman, nagta-Tagalog na naman ako. Sa totoo lang kaya ko lang naman napiling mag-Tagalog ngayon ay dahil kailangan kong ilinaw ng maigi ang mga kailangan kong sabihin. Gusto ko itong i-Tagalog para wala kayong dahilan para sabihing: “Hindi namin maintindihan dahil English!” Alam niyo kasi iyan ang hirap sa inyo e. […]

Why the gagging reflex switches off during sex

It all makes sense to me now. According to a Scientific American article, sexually-aroused women are harder to gross-out… Sex can be, well, kinda gross. So how do we have sex? Once we’re turned on, it turns out, it gets harder for icky stuff to turn us off. Women, anyway. Gross things just don’t seem […]

Addressing the Filipino nature: we shouldn’t stop at merely coping

It is on rare occasions that I suddenly recall, out of nowhere, a random scene from a movie I’ve watched in the distant past. As I sat in front of my computer, lamenting the loss of my butter cookies (which I’ve eaten up a few days ago), a scene from one of Keanu Reeves’ so-so […]

Palawan’s Underground River: Winner by Hive-Mind

When I heard that the Puerto Princesa Underground River was included in the provisional listing of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the first thing that came into my mind was the Borg. In the Star Trek science fiction series primarily made for television, the Borg were a villainous cybernetic race with one mind and […]