Philippine tourism touted as key to ‘inclusive’ growth while decay of key infrastructure continues

Climate change continues to loom as one of the biggest risks to the Philippines’ long-term future. Speaking before the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s ASEAN International Conference on Tourism and Climate Change in Legazpi City yesterday, Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, asserted that the ‘new normal’ it will bring will compromise the long-aspired-for […]

The Philippines: Between Poverty and Ignorance

I have a friend who disagrees very much with my social and political views about the Philippines. He thinks that my commentaries about the country come across as negative and therefore running counter to his own views. This deeply offends him even when I’ve assured him many times these commentaries are not about him. I […]

Why are Filipinos habitually and inherently impoverished?

Let us yet again (there is certainly no way we can do this enough) revisit my brilliant definition, of poverty: Poverty is a habitual entering into commitments one is inherently unable to honour. In embracing the above definition, we begin to see poverty for what it really is — not an ideological construct of emo […]