Davao City Terrorism: This is NOT the time to be a Martial Law Crybaby!

It seems critics of President Rodrigo Duterte would like him to fight terrorists with one hand tied behind his back. Despite Duterte’s declaration of a “state of lawlessness” being perfectly legal under the current constitution, various social media “activists”, mostly staunchly loyal to the previous administration of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, have, […]

Is winning Duterte’s War on Drugs mission impossible?

Everyone loves the Mission Impossible franchise. That’s because the best stories are about people who’ve hurdled the seemingly impossible, stared down the intractable, and succeeded against all odds. It is the reason that Star Wars fans find that over-used battle ending where proton torpedoes are used to hit a target that is “only two meters […]

What The Hague?! Philippines helped China build structures on disputed islands in the South China Sea

I first read it on some obscure website months ago. Knowing that one has to be careful about what one reads online nowadays, I waited for mainstream media to pick it up before taking it seriously. Unfortunately, it has taken years before they did. Just this week, Philippine mainstream media finally publicised reports about how […]

What is terrorist spokesman ‘Mohagher Iqbal’ doing meeting with Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadets??

A picture has emerged of Moro Islamic Liberation Front spokesman Mohagher Iqbal (a fake name he uses for his public appearances and representation with the Philippine government) and Bangsamoro peace panel chair Miriam Coronel-Ferrer in a forum with Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadets in Baguio City. In a photo published on Minda News the man […]

Will the US government allow Joseph Scott Pemberton to be imprisoned in the Philippines?

Seriously, if you were the US government, would you allow one of your boys to be imprisoned in a Third World rat hole? Take the average American schmoe. To develop each American into a productive citizen, Uncle Sam forks out more than $23,000 to fund his education through to high school. The average American therefore […]

5 Big Reasons Why I Think Lea Salonga Is Right

Again, I find myself forced to respond to the many disappointing criticisms leveled against Ms. Lea Salonga as written here in this article by Kate Natividad. Also, I’d like to congratulate both Kate for defending Ms. Salonga and the commenter Mr. Dale Gozar for his in-depth comment on the Pinoy condition and why we can […]

5 things that will happen when Mar Roxas becomes president of the Philippines

Will the Philippines become a better country with Mar Roxas as its leader from 2016 through 2022? It remains to be seen, of course and, for now, people can merely speculate. But if recent history can be allowed to afford us a bit of insight on what a Mar Roxas presidency will likely be like, […]

All-out war: Philippine Army now fighting for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front!

The only real winner coming out of the Philippine and Malaysian governments’ Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) scam is the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). It is pure genius. The MILF has locked itself in a ceasefire deal with the government of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III effectively hog-tying the Armed Forces of […]