Not even the Donald can Trump Filipino hypersensitivity!

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for President of the United States (POTUS), caught the ire of the Filipino community recently, when he mentioned Filipinos in a speech as one among a bunch of “terrorist nations”. The Donald did get something partially right: dealing with Filipinos is like dealing with a bunch of animals. I haven’t […]

In Mother Philippines, the Joke Is On You

This article is dedicated to this latest article by Mike Portes and is an expansion on this article that few people ever really understood… Look guys, whether we like it or not, the Philippines is now in dire straits because of the choices of the generations that preceded us. We don’t want to blame them […]

What will the Philippines do if America walks away?

We already know the answer to that question. Back in 1991, Philippine Congress voted to boot Uncle Sam’s boys out of her shores for good. Since then, the Philippines had undergone a steep decline to irrelevance in the world stage. Along with that came tumbling her ability to defend herself. Indeed, one would have thought […]

Retired General Jovito Palparan is a Filipino soldier

The case of retired General Jovito Palparan who had recently been arrested on charges of grave human rights abuses against activists is an interesting one. On one hand, here is a highly-decorated officer admired by his comrades in the Philippine military for his consistent zeal in the battlefield and singular focus on crushing the enemy […]

Should the Philippines consider becoming a state of the Union?

I mean, think about it. Filipinos worship virtually everything American. They follow American showbiz, American sport (NBA in particular), mimic American accents, and bicker socially and politically, in a manner similar to Americans. Filipinos copied the American style of government and the concept of democracy wholesale. Filipinos are using (but hardly maintaining) what remains of […]

What the victory of US President Barack Obama means to Filipinos

Filipinos follow American showbiz, American sport, American fashion, parrot American accents, ape American attitudes and, yes, act out American politics. Indeed, Filipinos were all but carried away by US election fever trooping to “mock US elections” organised by the US Embassy in Manila and whooping it up after the victory at the polls of re-electionist […]