Bloody libel! Janet Lim Napoles versus Maria Ressa’s ‘social news network’

Funny how just a short time ago, CEO Maria Ressa was crying bloody libel over Katrina Stuart-Santiago’s article Going to the dogs — an article about the manner with which Ressa’s self-described “social news network” startup precipitated (and possibly encouraged) a broader “ganging up” on the University of Santo Tomas over a perceived favour […]

Traditional media: the single biggest roadblock to efforts to ‘educate’ Filipino voters

What is really the crux of any effort to ‘educate’ Filipino voters? To design a solution you need to clearly define the problem. And for us to clearly define a problem, we need to understand its true nature by taking stock of the situation that surrounds it. Much of the initiatives that aim to “educate” […]

Team PNoy campaign and poll statistical extravaganza splashed all over Yellow media!

Thanks to the heightened intensity with which “social news network” Rappler is covering the ‘Team PNoy’ campaign in the Philippine hinterlands, we are getting a fair idea of how far the quality of Da Pinoy Vote has progressed in the last 27 years. Aside from joining the administration ticket on their campaign trail in northern […]

Where was Philippine Congressman Manny Pacquiao when Typhoon Pablo devastated Mindanao?

The other day I came across what I thought was a pretty poignant tweet coming from one of the humour Tweetizens I follow. It went something like this: Our boys in helmets who fight our battles halfway around the world should be paid more than the boys in helmets who pass around a ball in […]

Questionable circumstances of DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo’s death: Could it have been prevented?

Even as the country mourns the death of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jess Robredo in a plane crash this week, some questions are starting to emerge. An observation made by a certain Adolfo Mortera re-posted by Showbiz Government covers most of these questions in summary… [Philippine President Benigno Simeon] Aquino has […]