Is winning Duterte’s War on Drugs mission impossible?

Everyone loves the Mission Impossible franchise. That’s because the best stories are about people who’ve hurdled the seemingly impossible, stared down the intractable, and succeeded against all odds. It is the reason that Star Wars fans find that over-used battle ending where proton torpedoes are used to hit a target that is “only two meters […]

Forcing a western style liberal approach in solving the Philippine drug menace may not work for us

The on-going war on drugs in the Philippines is a hot topic nowadays. Supporters of the country’s new President (Rodrigo Duterte) have hailed the energized efforts of the government to put a stop to this drug menace plaguing the country while detractors of the President have cried foul over the bloodbath that has resulted and […]

Leni Robredo should worry more about victims of drug addicts and drug lords

Current Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo is reportedly lamenting the lack of public outcry versus drug killings. She said that she is worried about the culture of impunity and violence that is going on. First of all, what she’s saying is not true. There are so many social media activists who are condemning the seeming […]

Sensationalised photo of ‘extrajudicial killing’ victim splashed on Inquirer front page

The Inquirer is under fire from Netizens after their seemingly orchestrated sensationalisation of the alleged “extrajudicial killings” that have supposedly been sweeping the country. The Inquirer editors seem to be hinting at some kind of causal link between the month-old administration of President Rodrigo Duterte and the spate of “drug-related” homicides making headline news recently. […]

Human Rights advocacy is the latest fashion statement in Imperial Manila

Whose side are Filipino “activists” on nowadays? From all the chest-thumping and fist-waving we are seeing all over social media and mainstream media nowadays, it would seem that the Philippines’ chattering classes are on the side of the crooks! That is exactly how both President Rodrigo Duterte’s massive base of voters and the broader swathe […]

Why I Still Value ‘Due Process’…

Now, before you go thinking that I’m an anti-Duterte and pro-drug lord activist, let me clarify to you that no, I am not against the progress brought forth by the new administration. Indeed, I believe it is high time that something be done about our many social issues, especially that of the illegal drug trade […]

On Deceptive Media and Photojournalism

During President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) he called out a recent photograph published at the Inquirer showing a slain Michael Siargo, a suspected drug pusher, being held by his partner as if it is being portrayed as Mary carrying the dead cadaver of Jesus Christ. The President called out the […]

Aquino supporters are violating the human rights of the police and President Duterte himself!

When you are in the heat of a standoff with an intruder in your own house and you have a weapon within reach, which of your options would you err towards: (1) recognising the intruder’s “human rights”, or (2) recognising your own right to security within your own home? Hold that thought for a minute […]