Is making Filipino men good in bed part of Senator Pia Cayetano’s legislative agenda?

Just so typical that the top buzz following last night’s Senate deliberations over the wording of the proposed Reproductive Health Bill is around the usual most droll, inconsequential, and irrelevant things. What got Manila’s chattering classes up and about in their usual form was a floor “debate” between top-honcho RH Bill proponent Senator Pia Cayetano […]

Why we fall for the charms of psychopaths and narcissists

Many of us have been wondering about the appeal of those morose characters in the Twilight series of movies. For that matter, I’ve often wondered what is the allure behind vampires? Not only have the mythology of vampires been behind the success of the Twilight films, they seem to have endured as cultural artefacts since […]

Bloggers stifling freedom of expression? Not what it seems

Picture this: you’re a moderator/participant in a round table discussion. Someone has just brought up a very controversial point. Another person takes offense at this in one way or another, and rebuts. As the rebuttals go back and forth, you notice that they have strayed off topic, and it has become a contest of whose […]

Filipinas are forced to look for real men from overseas

Aren’t there enough Filipino men in the country good enough for some Filipino women (Filipinas)? As far as I know, there is no shortage of Filipino men and I haven’t heard of any reports that say there is an imbalance in the sex ratio that would compel some Filipinas to seek men from overseas either. […]

Filipino men fall head over heels for Maria Ozawa scam

As if to confirm the national delusion described by Get Real Post writer Ilda in her May 2011 article “Do Filipinos suffer from narcissistic personality disorder?”, a number of Filipino men signed up responded to a bogus account of popular Japanese adult movie star Maria Ozawa hoping to be cast in her next adult film. […]

Do Filipinos suffer from narcissistic personality disorder?

It’s official. I finally got confirmation that a lot of Filipino men are so into themselves. I thought it was just me but a recent survey conducted by global market research company, Synovate Inc. revealed that 48 percent of Filipino males felt they were sexually attractive. This revelation made another global media outlet, CNN International […]