Daang Matuwid brought the Philippines straight down the highway to hell

Daang Matuwid. What the hell does it mean? Its literal translation in English is “straight path”. Without any context, it does not make a lot of sense. Straight path to where, exactly? However, its ambiguity helped launch the Presidency of a non-performing lawmaker Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III back in 2010. A lot of people […]

What Ails My Airport And My Country Are The Same

It is worth pondering the state of our international gateway airport and what is says about our country. You know what they say about the eyes being windows to a person’s soul? Well, a country’s airport is a window to its governance and well-being.  Think about it.  The first impression that a businessman or tourist […]

3 Defensive Tactics Commonly Used By The Liberal Party of the Philippines

Politics is a dirty business no matter where you go in the world. Even a nation as ideal as Sweden has problems with political corruption and no country has ever found a permanent and consequence-free solution for poverty. However, many of the problems in the latter part of the 20th century continue to plague the […]

A Lament For OFWs

Just recently, one of my best friends has now moved to Singapore with his wife and hopes to make a decent living there as an engineer. My heart goes out to him and his wife and I hope that they have a prosperous life there together while raising their family. However, with everything that’s happened […]

Transcript of Mar Roxas’s Interview On NAIA Tanim Bala

Rappler recently issued an apology to Roxas because “the quote did not fully represent his position on a sensitive issue”. However, after watching a youtube video of what is claimed to be the more complete video footage of Mar Roxas’ interview in Isabela Province regarding the tanim bala or laglag bala extortion racket at the Ninoy […]

3 steps to stop criminal syndicates operating at NAIA (includes firing PNoy’s cousin Honrado)

As most Filipinos know by now, the news of the laglag bala or bullet planting scam at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has caught the attention of the international community and has tainted the already fragile reputation of the Philippines as a tourist haven. Popular Fox News Channel anchor Greta Van Susteren has featured […]

Why Rappler’s apology to Mar Roxas raises more questions than it answers

A few days ago, news outfit Rappler ran a story which highlighted how Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Mar Roxas responded to questions about the ongoing laglag-bala scheme in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA): Former interior secretary and now Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer for 2016 Manuel Roxas II defended the Aquino administration over the […]

Mar Roxas’s mouth is his own worst enemy

Normally, in any upcoming election, the “Anointed One” of the incumbent is a position that is coveted because of the weight of the supposed political influence that the incumbent can bring. It is also, however, a tough spot to be in. If the incumbent was a good one, the pressure is on the chosen one […]