How The Mainstream Philippine Media Is Killing Our Cultural Identity And Imagination

It’s that time of the year again and while a lot of us are busy with preparing for Christmas, I’m busying myself with creating Halloween stories to tell for those who may want to listen. As I’ve said many times before, my year simply doesn’t feel complete without a period of fearful stories and mysterious […]

Five More Inaccuracies Still Accepted as “Philippine History”

Of course there aren’t just five; history, after all, is just a timeline perceived by those who know how to write it. What’s wrong about all of this is that people do still accept inaccuracies as fact, and quite a few are too rabidly apologetic about them. Consider this gloriously graphic example of a meme […]

Why Atheism Won’t Succeed in the Philippines

I used to embrace atheism and I used to be active in the Philippine atheist forum and community. However, during the past few years I find myself being drawn away from atheism. Did someone “save” my wretched soul and showed me the path to eternal life and salvation? No! I still believe that there is […]