The future of media: will it create a stronger society? Think again

Is the trend in social media really moving towards building stronger networks? Or is it really just weakening them? If we look back at the last several years from the dawn of the “social networking” revolution in the early- to mid-2000s, we will find an interesting trend: social networking models have gone from being defined […]

Is Facebook becoming another MySpace?

I hate Facebook’s new timeline thingy. Back in the early days, Facebook delivered a clean and light user experience. Its pages loaded straight away and you could scroll up and down the page smoothly within a fraction of a second of its key elements appearing. With the new user interface (UI), the experience is completely […]

It’s the end of Friendster as we know it

Had Friendster been the only social networking site today, and it would be end of the world as its tens of millions of users know it. But then the reality as Nikolai Galicia, Friendster and Money Online (Friendster’s Malaysian owner) country manager for the Philippines sees it is that “It’s a Facebook world”. Indeed, Facebook […]