The Underpinnings of Filipino Anti-Intellectualism

Discussions about the Philippines’ problems and condition often lead to the topic of anti-intellectualism, as what our webmaster Benign0 recently wrote about. It is considered one of the factors why the Philippines remains a bottom-feeder among societies. Many try to explain it as a result lack of education or poverty. Sure, poverty may be one […]

Heneral Luna: things that it made me think about

1) From the start, let me say that this is by no means a movie review. You will find many others out there, most of which are glowing and all heaping praises on it. With that being said, on one hand, I would agree that the movie Heneral Luna is worth seeing at least once. […]

Showbiz ‘Bakya’ helps keep Filipinos Poor

Sorry, this #DongYan issue won’t die when people keep talking about it. Not just us. Other people, too. Actually, this isn’t about just “show of wealth” – which a wedding should not be (but that’s another topic for another day). It’s about what showbiz in the Philippines does. We write about showbiz because we believe […]

Why I think Lourd de Veyra’s ‘open letter’ to Vic Sotto is pointless

Indeed, Lourd de Veyra “has a few things to say” to Vic Sotto. And he laid them all out in his open letter addressed to the star which was published on My first impression about Lourd’s open letter was that it was a very thoughtful lament on the wasted opportunity in the huge influence […]

Still Les Miserable Over Argo

It’s been more than a week since the Oscars and more than a couple of weeks since I’ve seen two of some of the most talked about movies of the year. Two weeks, and I am Still Les Miserable over Argo. Having seen both Les Mis and Argo, I would’ve thought that Les Mis would’ve […]

The longer you stay the more mired in the swamp you get

Much will be made soon locally about the release of the latest installment in the Bourne Franchise since it was shot in Manila and Palawan. There have been other movies shot in Palawan but because they are local movies, no one brags about them. No one trumpets them. I seem to remember a Blue Lagoon […]

Kabadingan and kalaswaan in Philippine cinema

Roughly translated in English and taken out outside of the context of homosexuality that it is commonly associated with, the Tagalog colloquial word kabadingan in a cultural sense is a contemporary concept that describes a spectacle of loud contrived crassness or obnoxiousness in both behaviour, design, and aesthetic sensibilities that is indulged in for its […]

Atlas Shrugged, Part One: The Reviews Are In!

After reading a quick note on the ARCHN blog that suggested the long-awaited movie adaptation of Ayn Rand’s pedestrian opus Atlas Shrugged is proving to be something a bit less than a runaway box office hit, I decided I’d better take a look at what the critics were saying about it. The following are some […]