Being “poor” does not exempt jeepney drivers from complying to road safety standards

Opposition and left-leaning “activists” are up in arms over a photo of what is said to be a list of requirements jeepney drivers need to meet in order to comply with government efforts to improve the quality of public transport and air quality in major Philippine cities. Jeepneys are 1940s-vintage design vehicles and remain a […]

Da Pinoy and Road Manners

I recently got into a Facebook group comments section with the topic of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) regarding aftermarket lights, exhausts, horns, etc. It started with one complaint of a person who got traffic citations for his aftermarket blue corner lights and aftermarket exhaust on his scooter. He was basically saying that the LTO […]

The hypocrisy in the protest against the Anti Distracted Driving Law

In the Philippines, even the most basic courtesies and manners need to be legislated. It will likely require strong legislation to stamp out the world-renowned Filipino practice of public urination, for example. Perhaps too, there should also be harsh laws to penalise queue-jumpers, maybe even bozos who try to squeeze into trains before all disembarking […]

Road Courtesy – Pinoys do not get it

Christmas season is well under way. Malls are jam-packed, traffic jam….etc. It seems that the Pinoy nowadays has lots of disposable income. Whoever said that the Philippines is in poverty now? Makes you want to believe the guy in yellow shirt with the yellow ribbon on his collar? Inside malls and shopping centers, usually at […]

Of small cars and small-mindedness

Good news, there is now the ASEAN version of NCAP (New Car Assessment Program). It is an automobile safety rating program jointly established by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) and Global New Car Assessment Program (Global NCAP). Basically, it is some group of people who will tell us how safe our motor […]

A new normal: Traffic snarled by floods caused by a bit of rain in Metro Manila

Back in the old days, being caught in traffic used to be a good excuse to be late for work or, for that matter, any appointment or date. Then heavy traffic became more the rule than the exception. So then it was the government’s turn to make excuses for snail-paced traffic. One of these excuses […]

What REALLY happened to that Mitsubishi Strada pickup hanging off the Skyway rails

It’s going viral and people have been re-posting and re-sharing it. But what’s not being included in the information accompanying these posts is some much-needed insight or analysis on how a Mitsubishi Strada pickup truck ended up precariously hanging off the rails of the Skyway, an elevated highway south of Manila’s central business district yesterday. […]

Pregnant Bonifacio Global City pedestrian brutally run over by black SUV

The latest outrage making the rounds over social media is the running down of a pedestrian — a pregnant young foreign woman — on a street in the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) business district. The aftermath of the incident was captured in photos that were published by the motoring magazine site Top Gear Philippines. The […]