What the victory of US President Barack Obama means to Filipinos

Filipinos follow American showbiz, American sport, American fashion, parrot American accents, ape American attitudes and, yes, act out American politics. Indeed, Filipinos were all but carried away by US election fever trooping to “mock US elections” organised by the US Embassy in Manila and whooping it up after the victory at the polls of re-electionist […]

Observing the US Presidential Elections boils down to ‘Tanghod’ Journalism

Hmmm… If it’s actually the first time you’re learning about the US Presidential Elections, a trip to the US at this time would certainly be an eye-opening experience and will probably be worth years of intensive education in all things American. But if you’re going to the US as a journalist of any sort, certain […]

Do the US presidential elections really matter to Filipinos THAT much?

I mean, really. What relevance does the outcome of the presidential elections in the United States have on the future fortunes of the average Filipino schmoe? If an entire raft of Philippine presidents have themselves exhibited pratically zero influence on the fortunes of entire generations of Filipinos, what impact can the very miniscule difference between […]