#PiliPinasDebates2016 outcome: Mar Roxas the clear loser in the 2016 Philippine presidential debate

It was a first of its kind face-off amongst the Philippines’ presidential candidates which was organised by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and sponsored by TV network GMA-7. But because the 2016 Presidential Debate (dubbed #PiliPinasDebates2016 on Twitter), was held in Cagayan de Oro City in the southern island of Mindanao, most of the topics […]

The interesting timing of Pia Wurtzbach’s homecoming

All the big events seem to have come together on this day, the 25th January. It’s the birth anniversary of the late Corazon ‘Cory’ Aquino, mother of current President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. On this day also, exactly 12 months ago, 44 elite police officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Special Action Force […]

The 2016 Philippine Presidential Candidates Are All Dipshits

The clown car parade that the 2016 Philippine presidential elections are turning out to be only proves that many Filipinos don’t want to think for themselves. Rather, as is typical of the “Pinoy” mindset, they look upon other people and choose to let these other people think for them when determining how they want their […]

Why Donald Trump Would Never Win A Presidential Election in the Philippines

Donald Trump is known for being a real estate mogul in the United States, host of The Apprentice, business author, and most importantly, a Republican candidate for the 2016 Presidential Elections, He is dominating the polls in almost all states as we speak. On a more personal level, he is known to be frank, aggressive, […]

Team Miriam Santiago and Bongbong Marcos call on Filipinos stuck in the past to MOVE ON

For a people aspiring to gather up a resolve to eradicate dynasty politics in the Philippines, it is quite ironic that many in their society cannot seem to get over the “horrors” of the Martial Law years and move on. Instead, they are using the distant memory of that regime to continue as a pseudo-argument […]

A better Philippines under President Miriam Defensor-Santiago

She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Miriam Defensor-Santiago (MDS) is definitely not like all the rest of them. And, suddenly, just like that, there is a viable standout above the three uninspiring, undifferentiated, pwede-na-yan presidential candidates. With Santiago in the race, there will be a political debate. The sad none-of-the-above choices now […]

What To Look For In A Political Candidate

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am once again writing this article because certain individuals have been asking me, rather repetitively, who am I going to vote for in the 2016 election and what they need to look for in a good candidate. Before I begin, I’d like to take the time to call out some of […]

Are Philippine political ads designed with 5-year-olds in mind?

Want proof that lawmakers are indeed breaking the law (or at least its spirit)? Look no further. Just watch TV and I bet you that, in an hour, you’ll catch one or two political advertisements. It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize these for what they are — premature campaigning. You already have […]