Do Your Country a Favor: Get Out!

Stuck in the middle of traffic, inching your way like a tortoise every few minutes while staring at the sea of red tail lights at a standstill on the massive virtual parking lot that’s before you as far as the eye could see, you slam the driver’s wheel asking yourself “Why am I even putting […]

The call of Pope Francis turned to cash.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Argentine Jesuit of Italian bloodline, assumed the Papacy as Pope Francis on March 13, 2013 and it has never been the same for the Catholic faith as the refreshing messages on unity, humility and respect transcends religious boundaries. The large crowd which the Pope drew from predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka ( is evidence of […]

Philippine economic growth rate and credit rating upgrade not enough to keep unemployment down

If you want to know how the Philippine economy is doing, you will find it hard to get a straightforward answer from the mainstream media. There’s enough spin to counteract every piece of bad news out there to do your head in. It seems the Philippine government is doing its best to project an image […]

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love, Get Down Tonight!

The quote below is credited to Spanish soldier Marcos de Isaba during the 1580s… “These nations outside of Spain that are subjects, friends or allies of His Majesty, are by nature inconstant, unreliable, restive and seditious. The greatness of our king and blessed name of Spaniard have few friends. In the past Spaniards were well […]

Higher education for poor Filipinos: Two Cents from a ‘Filipino Traitor’

My last article got me accused of being too anti-Filipino for my stand against giving poor Filipinos the opportunity to get a university degree. I was told that to deny the poor Filipinos the same opportunity that I had, to get to where I am in life right now, is not only cruel but also […]