Riding the Ninoy-Cory “legacy” is riding a bunch of lies

President BS Aquino III has always repeated his parents’ “glory” and their “sacrifices for the country” ad nauseam in his speeches. This has become a routine for him whenever he would speak in public events, and even in wakes. Such a routine has become very annoying that I would just flip the channel to watch […]

How Filipinos killed his fellow

Makulilim noong hapong iyon, araw ng pamilihan sa kabisera kaya’t doble ang bilang ng mga rumorondang gwardia sibil sa kabayanan. Noong araw na iyon ay umalis ang ina ni Pepe upang bumili ng karne kaya’t naisipan niyang mamasyal sa tabi ng ilog. Malayu layo na ang kanyang nalakad nang makita niya ang bangkerong si Lucas […]

Death is what defines the political life of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan

The Chinese believe that the “ghost month” – the period that usually covers the last few days of July and most of August – is a period of bad luck, and thus people are advised not to make weighty and/or important personal decisions during this period. Coincidentally, every August, we are reminded of the death […]

Kris Aquino’s PR strategy: Selling PNoy’s potential martyrdom

Sometimes if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself — or at least get a close member of your family to do it, like your sister. Apparently, the most bloated department in Malacanang simply can’t get the job done. The Communications Group of Philippine President Benigno Simeon BS Aquino III is composed […]