Chito Miranda proposes marriage to sweetheart and viral video co-star Neri Naig!

I had a good laugh at what a colleague of mine said when she heard the news that Pinoy rocker Chito Miranda was proposing marriage to sweetheart Neri Naig; “Ha? Paano yan? Everybody knows di na siya virgin…” Lol! You don’t say. She was referring, of course, to the sensational viral sex video scandal that […]

Bianca Gonzalez engaged to JC Intal after big NAIA public proposal!

Wow! Despite all the other important things going on here and all over the world, what is really the buzz in the Philippines is the engagement of celebrity model Bianca Gonzalez to her basketballer boyfriend JC Intal. What probably set off the Philippines’ mass kilig is the way the guy did it — in public… […]