Is Pinterest the first of a new breed of Facebook-killers?

I remember back when Facebook was still a nice site. By nice, then, I don’t mean it is unpleasant now. It was “nice” then because it didn’t mean to be anything else but a place for people to get togther. It was social in the purest sense of being social. People re-connected with old friends […]

Is Facebook becoming another MySpace?

I hate Facebook’s new timeline thingy. Back in the early days, Facebook delivered a clean and light user experience. Its pages loaded straight away and you could scroll up and down the page smoothly within a fraction of a second of its key elements appearing. With the new user interface (UI), the experience is completely […]

Should kids under 13 be allowed on Facebook?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly wants “younger kids” to be allowed on social network sites such as, well, Facebook. He sees says that “a fight to take on” will be the United States’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which bars anyone under the age of 13 from signing up on Web sites that collect […]

PNoy and his Porsche: wishing for retirement?

When someone hasn’t lived a simple life, he wouldn’t have a clue what simple living means. Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie tried living a simple life in front of the camera. The two rich gals had a ball making fun of how ordinary people live their ordinary lives. But it was for a television show […]