Will Noynoy Aquino incite rebellion if Chief Justice Renato Corona is acquitted?

Another EDSA ocho-ocho “revolution” in the works? That’s according to House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman who reportedly spoke of knowledge of a plan on the part of the administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to incite an uprising if Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is acquitted in his on-going impeachment trial… “I hope […]

Day 2 of Corona Impeachment: Amazing grace exhibited by defense team

Perhaps it is as what everyone had suspected all along. Of what looked like volumes of “evidence” of improper conduct on the part of Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona splashed all over the media by the House of Representatives prosecution team (despite repeated warnings from the Senate), it turns out that only a […]

World Bank report on Supreme Court ‘ineligible funds’ inappropriately leaked to Rappler?

Recently, Purple S. Romero of “social news network” site Rappler.com published the article “Return P8.6-M, World Bank tells SC” which details a World Bank request to the Philippine Supreme Court to return “a total of US$199,000 (P8.6-M) in ‘ineligible’ funds by the end of January, saying the High Tribunal spent this on activities and projects […]

Ressa cries bloody ‘libel!’ – When will Rappler.com get it?

Interesting the way Rappler.com CEO Maria Ressa cries bloody libel over Katrina Stuart-Santiago’s article Going to the dogs — an article about the manner with which Ressa’s self-described “social news network” startup precipitated (and possibly encouraged) a broader “ganging up” on the University of Santo Tomas over a perceived favour it granted to Chief Justice […]

Chief Justice Renato Corona’s trial-by-publicity heats up as Malacañang PR machine switches to overdrive

It is not very surprising behaviour coming from the parties that seek to oust Chief Justice Renato Corona from the Supreme Court. Even before the 16th of January impeachment trial to be conducted by the Philippine Senate, efforts to sway public opinion by demonising Corona are already underway. The most obvious among these is disclosure […]

The official definition of ‘social news network’ @rapplerdotcom

I came across some chatter on Twitter today regarding some kind of issue around something “veteran journalist” Marites Vitug wrote about the Philippines’ University of Santo Tomas reportedly granting a doctorate in law, summa cum laude, to Chief Justice Renato Corona without requiring a dissertation. I’m thinking, whatever. Granting degrees and distinctions on any person, […]