Corona’s alleged walk out: was he physically sick of the impeachment court?

Most of us have come to expect pandemonium when it comes to the impeachment trials of our public officials and that is usually what we get. I must say that this is one for the books. We all knew that Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s appearance in his impeachment trial would be filled with […]

Impeachment and looming bank runs: Is economic plunder the real agenda of the Second Aquino Administration?

Looks like the venerable Philippine Savings Bank (PS Bank) is the next hapless chump thrust into the circus spotlight. In the usual tradition of the way the prosecution habitually pre-empts any court order to authorise any of its police activities, an “envelope” delivered by a shadowy “small lady” allegedly containing Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato […]

Day 3 of Corona impeachment: ABS-CBN lawyer bungles questioning of key prosecution witness

Key point of contention on Day 3 of the trial of the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Renato Corona is the emergence of allegations that Corona did not declare all of his assets — specifically big properties already revealed to the media — in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN). So now […]