Filipino netizens on edge as online libel criminalized under RA 10175 (the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012)

The Philippine Supreme Court reportedly upheld the libel provisions of Republic Act 10175 or the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012” which Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III signed into law in 2012. As expected, online hysterics have erupted over Philippine social media space with many online “activists” expressing loud indignation over what they perceive […]

What is Rappler’s plan for reform now that Maria Ressa has ‘apologised’?

How sincere is self-described “social news network” in its efforts to reform its ranks? That remains to be seen though, to be fair, it put up a new “Corrections” page where “factual errors and systems infractions” will be listed and, presumably discussed. You wonder though why such a page is even necessary considering that […]

Stay tuned for the next big tele-trial starring Napoles, and Senators Enrile, Estrada, and Revilla!

What goes around comes around. Who gets the laugh for the day really depends on which side is throwing the boomerang. Back in the first half of 2012, the national hysteria of the day swirled around the kangaroo court impeachment trial of then Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona following months of systematic demonisation by […]

Bloody libel! Janet Lim Napoles versus Maria Ressa’s ‘social news network’

Funny how just a short time ago, CEO Maria Ressa was crying bloody libel over Katrina Stuart-Santiago’s article Going to the dogs — an article about the manner with which Ressa’s self-described “social news network” startup precipitated (and possibly encouraged) a broader “ganging up” on the University of Santo Tomas over a perceived favour […]

The key to true Philippine Independence does not lie in Philippine Media products

As expected, Philippine Media is breaking out all the colours to mark the day: lots of red white and blue, the yellow sun and three stars, poetry waxed about Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio — the works. Fiesta Independence Day! Check it out: this extravaganza of nationalist sentiment candy is emanating from an institution — […]

You cannot ‘educate’ Filipinos to vote wisely while encouraging them to buy stupidly

To be credible, you need to be consistent. And if one is forced to use only one word to describe I’d choose this one: consistency. Whether it be in politics or in day-to-day living, we are consistent in our drive to get Filipinos focused on the singular key to a successful life: thinking things […]

Malacañang spokesman Edwin Lacierda caught trolling on Twitter!

As social media “thought leader” Maria Ressa once extolled all who apply the wondrous technological phenomenon known as “social media”, just be yourself. Caught on record is Malacañang top spokesperson Edwin Lacierda (a.k.a. @dawende on Twitter) being himself in a Twitter exchange with a certain @ComplainerChua on the 3rd of March… * * * TheComplainer […]

The Online Media Business Model: Rappler Shows Us How to Do It Wrong

For an entity that has spent a little over a year aggressively trying to convince the rest of us that it is some kind of “phenomenon,” just what, exactly, the creamsicle-themed “social news network” website Rappler is supposed to be is a question that’s still looking for an answer. And recent speculation about Rappler’s ownership […]