Why the West holds license to comment on slavery in the Philippines

There has been an overwhelming and varied response to the late Alex Tizon’s moving piece on how his family enslaved Eudocia Tomas “Lola” Pulido for decades — even after moving to and settling in the United States. Most interesting of these responses is how some Filipino social media “influencers” are incensed with the way Americans […]

Carlos Celdran may indeed be a bad influence on the Filipino

Maybe it is true — that Carlos Celdran is a bad influence on the Filipino. After all, hasn’t one of the biggest issues with us Filipinos always been about our lack of ability to think things through properly and act consistently upon said thinking within some sort of rules-based framework — such as the Law? […]

Carlos Celdran: Is he the Rosa Parks of the Philippines’ Freedom Movement?

It hasn’t happened for the last several days since news broke of the conviction of shock activist Carlos Celdran for the crime of peforming acts “notoriously offensive to the feelings of the faithful”. I’ve been waiting for some bozo to come up and liken Celdran with the late Rosa Parks, the quiet unassuming lady who […]

UST ups the RH Bill ‘debate’ ante: Will Catholic university professors remain in the game?

Grand old University of Santo Tomas (UST), the Philippines’ most ancient institution of higher learning has come out and made a clear and absolute statement on its position on the Reproductive Health Bill through its school paper, the Varsitarian, and it is one that is expected of a Catholic learning institution. In RH bill, Ateneo, […]