Why are you so negative? And other frequently asked questions answered

Every now and then, I get asked the same questions I have answered so many times before. I understand that not everyone will see my responses so I have compiled the frequently asked questions with my corresponding answers for everyone’s convenience: 1. When you highlight what is wrong in Philippine society, aren’t you being negative? […]

And the prostitution just goes on and on…

The futility of demanding an apology and justice mounted, as soon as a fall guy was thrown in the Mamasapano “mis-encounter” script during the February 2015 Senate hearing. I was given no other choice but to take consolation in History,  that History will eventually testify unkindly to those who hide the truth, much like how Aguinaldo […]

Is ‘love of country’ a concept that is still relevant in the Philippines?

It’s a common mistake to liken the way one feels for or regards a country to the way we feel for or regard an actual person. So when we say we “love” our country, poets will wax lyric about how this “love” is like the love we feel, say, for a parent. In reality, that’s […]

This Thanksgiving Day, let’s be thankful for Uncle Sam’s continued warm military embrace

To the compelling arguments for the welcoming back of American GIs back to the Philippine Islands, the usual suspects can only hark back to the “bad” old days of boom boom town Olongapo City for a counterargument. Never mind the simple truth that Filipinas flocking to GIs in droves merely highlights the dismal failure of […]