The Real Reason for Pinoy “Inferiority Complex”

The topic of the Filipino “inferiority complex” has been mentioned by many as a core cause of Philippine society’s backwardness. Many writing about it would call it a legacy of the colonizers, who supposedly implanted this belief in us to make sure we don’t advance as a society. I have a different idea. My mom […]

Jim Paredes bets 10 million pesos on Australian citizenship row with Bobi Tiglao

Jim Paredes, Filipino entertainer and die-hard fan of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, is on the warpath. On a Facebook post today, he lashed out at veteran Manila Times columnist Rigoberto ‘Bobi’ Tiglao accusing him of making false statements about his citizenship. Paredes was reacting to a blog post on (Politiko) titled Tiglao […]

Did Butch Abad just out an Aquino SC justice for perjury?

In the aftermath of the announcement of the unexpectedly disappointing third-quarter GDP figures earlier this week, Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad offered a rather strange explanation for part of it, the 2.9 percent retraction of government spending during the quarter: “…the decrease was largely caused by the low utilization of notice of cash allotments (NCAs) […]

The Business of Earth Hour

Author’s note: This article first appeared in the Manila Times on March 23, 2013. Since it is no longer available online, and since, more to the point, absolutely nothing has changed from one year to the next except maybe the exact nature of whatever goofy promotional stunts have been contrived to mark the “event”, I […]

Secretary Abaya, I Have a Couple Questions

Reading Bobi Tiglao’s column in The Manila Times this morning, wherein he mentions former Cavite 1st District Representative and current Secretary of the Department of Transportation & Communications (DOTC) Joseph Emilio Abaya, I was reminded of something odd I first spotted a few weeks ago. Since no one seems to be asking Secretary Abaya about […]

Sample of Filipino Profligacy?

Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao recently wrote an article about a “rich kid,” namely Robbie Antonio, son of Century Properties owner Jose Antonio. Robbie was having a one-billion-peso mansion built for himself somewhere here in Manila. Tiglao compared it to other profligate icons, such as Imelda Marcos and Herminio Disini. He hinted that Antonio’s plans […]