Doubt Those Who Cast Fear, It’s Damaso’s Ghost Speaking

Fourth In A Series on Manila Bay Reclamation Before we continue with Part Two of JP Fenix’s article on reclamation, I’d like to note a couple of articles that came out in the news today dispelling what it claims to be misinformation being spread on the Manila Bay Reclamation. Manila Bay Reclamation Contractor Answers Critics […]

Filipinos… World Class Everywhere, Except in the Philippines!

Third of a Series on the Manila Bay Reclamation Who knows, maybe it’s an inner “evolutionary drive” more than a “bad, mismanaged economy” that’s driving our fellow Filipinos to work abroad? For instance, if you studied nuclear physics, would you ever find a job here? Perhaps, yes. Then again, perhaps, you might also be underemployed […]

Former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza’s Wobbly Stand Against the Manila Bay Reclamation Project

Second of a Series on Manila Bay When I used to go to work at the Department of Tourism and then at the Philippine Senate from 2003 to 2009, my drive to and from work would always include going through heavy traffic along Roxas Boulevard. Not once did I look forward to driving on this […]

Save Our Sunset (SOS) Save Manila Bay… Do You Mean “Keep It Polluted” ?

First Of A Series I am not about to argue on semantics here, but I think the guys over at the “Save Manila Bay” movement are being a bit anachronistic. Manila Bay has been dead for decades, really.  So, do we mean that we want to keep it that way?  Of course not.  I don’t […]