Another Aquino Legacy: The Death of Manila Bay Reclamation By Religion and Pseudo-Environmentalism?

A Fitting Testament To Myopic, Parochial, and Political Economy Based National Planning According to the grape vine, all plans to add to or expand the reclaimed area in Manila Bay seems to be ‘dead in the water’ — literally. I didn’t believe the pronouncements of the demise of any and all Manila Bay reclamation projects […]

What Could Go Right With Manila Bay Reclamation

One thing that could go right for Manila Bay Reclamation is that it could pave the way for a new start, without the burden and limitations of a once glorious past that will never be reclaimed. Reclamation is actually a part of a plan for Manila’s growth that was started by the Americans when they […]

Congressman Douglas Hagedorn Needs More Research on Manila Bay Reclamation Issues

I was informed rather belatedly that Neophyte Congressman Douglas Hagedorn, the brother of former Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn, has gone on ahead and stated his opposition to a proposed reclamation project in Manila Bay. As the Vice Chairman of the House Committee on Ecology, Hagedorn has cited the following reasons for opposing the project […]

A Vision for Re-Developing Manila and Manila Bay

(Before my commentary, please watch the video announcement from the Manila Goldcoast Development Corporation which is developing the Manila Solar City in partnership with the City Government of Manila.  It is a development project I am openly supporting as a Manilenyo chiefly and mainly because I believe it is the right direction to pursue in […]

What Ban on Manila Bay Reclamation?

Meh….? Over the weekend, the online editions of Manila Bulletin and Tempo as well as Yahoo News Philippines came out with articles with various titles suggesting that the Manila City council had banned reclamation on Manila Bay. Manila Bulletin and Yahoo News Philippines basically ran the same article titled “No Manila Bay Reclamation” and Tempo, […]

Pining for Manila’s Old Glory is a Sign of a Lack of Vision

My Fascination for Old Manila and my Quiapo Roots I have been engaged in a rather long running hobby of hunting for old pictures of Manila on the internet.  So much so that it led me to create Lumang Tao Moments a few years back — it is a site where I curate all the […]

Save Tahong!

First it was “Save 182 Pine Trees”, then it was “Save Manila Bay, and now it has come to this… “Save Tahong!” This post is not for the green minded.  So, if you have any decency left in you, pack away those dirty thoughts because we’re going to talk about a supposed “industry” which centers […]

Outraged Over A Misleading BillBoard On The CCP Lawn?

My first reaction to the “Sunset View Block Condominium” Billboard on CCP’s lawn would have been outrage, if I didn’t know better. If I didn’t take to heart GMA TV New’s Howie Severino’s slogan, “Think Before You Click”, I might have clicked SHARE or TWEET immediately without reading the article, checking the facts, or thinking […]