It’s time for the Philippines to be ruled with discipline and intelligence!

Filipinos are coming to terms with the political reality underlying the presidential race today. Following the EDSA “revolution” in 1986, the pendulum had swung too far out the side of ultra-representative “democracy” in the Philippines. As a result, the deeply disturbing reality of the true nature of the way Filipinos have squandered their “freedom” has […]

Malaysian People Power: Aquino gov’t in bed with the corrupt regime of Najib Razak

It was with a terrorist organisation represented by a man using a fake name that the fate of a big chunk of Mindanao was deliberated by the Philippine government. Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III had virtually promised handing over rule of an “autonomous” Bangsamoro “state” in Mindanao to the Moro islamic Liberation Front. […]

Everyone is fighting the Binay versus Aquino war except Binay and Aquino

Shhh… we shouldn’t criticise Vice President Jejomar Binay because he’s got the goods on us. Perhaps this is what’s in the minds of the Philippines’ leaders, even as Netizens and ordinary folk alike, many of whom are rabid fans of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, mount a “full-court press” to slam Binay on social […]

Filipinos should understand that kindness and compassion should begin at home

Apparently, Filipinos are kind and compassionate to the poor and downtrodden. At least that is what some Filipinos tell themselves. Who would have thought, right? Considering there are so many naked street children begging or sleeping on the streets of Manila and many parts of the country and considering pagpag (leftover food from fast-food restaurants […]

Terrorist group invited to represent the Philippines in Organization of Islamic Cooperation Council

The Philippine media still refers to him as “Mohagher Iqbal” despite indisputable evidence that this is a fake name. Worse, he is cited as the source of information that his boss, Murad Ibrahim, head of the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front will be representing the “Bangsamoro nation” in a gathering of foreign ministers of various […]

Congress, the ‘biggest criminal syndicate in the Philippines’, approves terrorist #Bangsamoro Basic Law!

Clearly, the approval of the Bangsamoro Basic Law by the House Ad Hoc Committee was a case of railroading. The committee, for starters, was padded with Malacanang allies. And, not surprisingly, the “investment” paid off. CNN Philippines reports… Malacañan allies in the House of Representatives comprised the majority of the 48 votes favoring the BBL. […]

Does the Philippines Need a Savior?

Okay ladies and gentlemen, here’s a big question for the Filipino people. Do we need a savior? Do we need an honest-to-God miracle to save us from our predicament? With the up and coming elections of 2016, it becomes a question of the utmost urgency because we know that the Philippines isn’t exactly in a […]

An appeal to Congress on the Draft Bangsamoro Basic Law: National interest first!

There are moments in history when one needs to take a profound stand for what is right, the common good and the national interest. That stand must be translated into decisive action to prevent or right a wrong. This is my motivation with respect to the BangsaMoro Basic Law (BBL). 1. The proposed BBL as […]