Filipinos are poor because their “activists” teach them to be obsessed with the rich

Most Filipinos would like to believe that the outrage they feel (or are encouraged to feel by their “activists”) about excessive displays of wealth comes from a deep need to see social justice delivered. Thus, the typical screeching lament we hear when such “social justice warriors” (SJWs) are confronted with displays of wealth goes like […]

Why did Isabelle Duterte have a photoshoot in Malacanang Palace? Because she can.

Isabelle Duterte, granddaughter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, has been receiving a lot flak lately for a photoshoot she had in Malacanang. Why, key “thought leaders” of the Philippine Opposition ask, should Duterte’s granddaughter be allowed to use Malacanang as the setting for her pictorial? Simple. Because she can. Circuses like these are the reason […]

Essence of Duterte’s inaugural speech: A shift from arbitrary to CONSISTENT government!

You can metamorphosize from being a tough, street-talking maton into a tough, statesman-like maton. Newly-minted President Rodrigo Duterte proved that yesterday in his inaugural speech — one that caused a lot of keen observers to both hold their breath and let out sighs of relief at the beginnings and ends of every sentence the new […]

Let’s Change what #NeverAgain Means

Seems that #NeverAgain is being spread as a much-overused and tired propaganda buzzword. It’s used to make people believe martial law will be restored once Bongbong Marcos gets elected into a higher position. Really, GRP Webmaster Benign0 is right: it will never come back even if Marcos comes to power. It’s actually being used for […]

Who the next president of the Philippines should be

It’s election season again. So, as expected, a lot of people ask us who we think should be president. Personally I think that is a rude question. Ballots are cast in secret for a reason — because who one votes for is none of anyone else’s business. To be fair, good manners are really not […]

Chief Justice Renato Corona’s trial-by-publicity heats up as Malacañang PR machine switches to overdrive

It is not very surprising behaviour coming from the parties that seek to oust Chief Justice Renato Corona from the Supreme Court. Even before the 16th of January impeachment trial to be conducted by the Philippine Senate, efforts to sway public opinion by demonising Corona are already underway. The most obvious among these is disclosure […]

Malacañang finally admits excessive preoccupation with prosecuting Arroyo

In the aftermath of the devastation wrought by Typhoon Sendong upon northern Mindanao which may ultimately claim up to 2,000 lives, the administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has released an official statement admitting that it may have been distracted from warnings coming from climate and environment experts… Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda admitted that […]

Noynoy publicly criticizes his own speechwriting staff

In another demonstration of his lack of a deep understanding of the concept of command responsibility, Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino dissed his own speechwriting staff in public. Choosing instead to speak extemporaneously in front of an audience made up of participants in the 10th Student Catholic Action of the Philippines (SCAP) National Leadership Conference […]