Three fundamental weaknesses of the Duterte administration

Around the time of its first 50 days, the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte’s predecessor, Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino, was beleaguered by the Mendoza hostage situation and its fallout. The incident resulted in the deaths of eight (8) Hong Kong tourists; BS Aquino never apologized for it. The concepts of the “first 100 days”, and more […]

Here’s why Ed Lingao is no match for Mocha Uson’s journalism…

I find it rich the way members of the Philippines’ community of “journalism” professionals could be so precious about what is and what isn’t “journalism”. That is in considering that very few of them can be considered to be exemplars of journalism practice to begin with. Nonetheless, here is the esteemed Ed Lingao, journalist extraordinaire, […]

Is anybody really on the side of the Filipino?

We talk a lot about Philippine society being a “democracy” — that our government, being run by people elected by popular vote represents the majority will and, presumably, are motivated by the interests of the broader Filipino public and seek to put the wellbeing of their constituents above their personal interests. We are also told […]

The challenge of being a good role model in the Philippines

A role model is someone other people look up to and want to emulate, whether it is for that person’s behavior, skills, or example. Typically, people look up to those whom they perceive as suitable role models as inspirations to work harder towards what they aspire to be. They may be people you’ve met in […]

Why media and social media have failed to contain Jejomar Binay’s prominence

As a topic, current Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay had become prominent in both media and social media early this month. And now recently it looks like he will slowly make his way back into the spotlight as he has made yet another statement on more pieces of property allegedly owned by him. As has […]

How to stop Philippine Media’s systematic dumbing down of an entire nation

It is pretty much a no-brainer. The idea that the Philippines’ entertainment industry is a massive contributor to accelerating erosion of the collective intellect of Filipinos has long been a widely-accepted fact in Philippine society. As far back as 2006, Isagani Cruz wrote about this in an Inquirer article. I cited the key excerpt in […]

Filipinos need new innovative ways to nail #DAP crooks to the wall!

Following the milestone ruling by the Philippine Supreme Court (SC) yesterday deeming the controversial presidential slush fund known as the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) illegal on most counts, the reckoning has started. Several courses of action are being considered which may be undertaken in any number of combinations. The three standout items include: (1) Impeaching […]

How idiopreneurship can stem the flow of talented people abandoning the Philippines

Much has been said about how the appalling work conditions, low pay, and stifling congestion in the Philippines is driving away its most talented workers. But what seems to be the biggest put-off for the greatest Filipino minds is the intellectual bankruptcy that prevails in Philippine society. Much has also been said about technology being […]