September 21 ‘anti-tyranny’ rally in hindsight: No cause to be a ‘rebel’

The only thing worse than a keyboard “warrior” is a street rally “warrior”. These pretend warriors insult the sacrifices of soldiers and police officers for whom risk of life and limb is just another day at the office. In the aftermath of the rather underwhelming September 21 protest rally, there was that usual spate of […]

Martial Law is allowed in the Philippine Constitution and Duterte hasn’t broken any laws

Critics of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte came out in full force on the 45th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law under former President Ferdinand Marcos in 1972. Typing the number 45 made me realise how ancient that occasion was. Nevertheless, a lot of people still have hang-ups about it. They still whine about it as […]

Does the Anti-Marcos Movement have an end game?

Following the spectacular flop of last Friday’s anti-Marcos-burial rally at the Luneta, the leaders of a community of Filipino “activists” calling for the Marcos family to be taken to account for the alleged atrocities that happened during “the Martial Law years” continue to soldier on. There is another set of rallies planned over the coming […]

The FAILED November 25 anti-Marcos rally at the Luneta

When will these hipsters learn? Warm bodies out pumping fists in an outdoor love-in versus an alleged social media “troll army” out to “weaponise” the Internet from comfy air-conditioned offices? Anti-Marcos protestors would like to believe the old ways of doing things supposedly representing the righteous camp in this political conflict necessarily triumph at the […]

Anti-Marcos “Citizen’s Assembly” in Luneta marred by Aquino supporters clad in Yellow attire

The organisers of an anti-Marcos rally dubbed the “Citizen’s Assembly” held Sunday were very clear about participants’ required attire: Wear white. The widely-circulated graphic worded it even more amiably. Let’s wear white. Presumably, the call to “wear white” was designed to ensure that as broad a base of people who are against the burial of […]

Massive crowd at Duterte Grand Rally marks the end of an era and the coming of change

The photos streaming into our newsfeeds tell it all. Coverage of Rodrigo Duterte’s miting de avance at the Luneta Park in Manila consisted of a lot of wide-angle, even aerial, photos of massive crowds. In contrast, photo coverage of Mar Roxas’s rally at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City consisted of underwhelming shots of […]

Noytard Free Zone

I am a repeat offender. I went to last year’s abolish the pork barrel protest  and as you may guess by now, things have gotten worse in the last 12 months.  My one year old thoughts are found here.  I am not a journalist by any stretch of the imagination. I just develop ideas and […]

Why It’s Useless for Filipinos to be Defensive

Lately, furor (or more specifically, Filipino butthurt) erupted when a Singaporean complained about noisy Filipino maids in a bus. He suggested that Filipinos have their own buses; Filipinos took offense (but a dedicated bus is a good idea; it ensures security and privacy for our people there). Another is when Filipino-born Straits Times author Raul […]