One Year On: Why I Believe both SM and Save 182 have Failed Baguio City in 2012

It was around a year ago when I wrote a commentary on Get Real Philippines entitled “Baguio City: Ruined by Pinoy Mentality.” It was a timely article, considering the ramifications of various events happening in the City where I currently live in. One of the Philippines’ largest commercial and real-estate institutions had plans to construct […]

Protesting the destruction of trees by SM Baguio: a pointless exercise at best

So now we’re suddenly protesting the removal of a couple hundred trees from an area of land upon which an expansion of the SM Baguio mall will be built. I wonder, though: Why only now? Last I heard, the destruction of Baguio City had been going on for decades. Indeed, Filipinos have been destroying Baguio […]

Can the ‘Occupy’ Movement Save Baguio’s Decay?

Nearly two weeks after a massive sit-down protest sought and failed to shut down Baguio’s largest mall, things in the mountaintop city have gone almost nowhere, and the people concerned remain as polarized as ever. Both sides of the issue of mall expansion have emphasized that their own views are right, and that the opposite […]