Pope Francis’s over-the-top reception in the #Philippines

Building a cult of personality. That is the last thing Pope Francis is likely to have wanted included in his agenda for his visit to the Philippines. The Pope said that his visit to the Philippines is about the poor and the victims of the two recent calamities that devastated the Philippines. To further punctuate […]

Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle should just shut up about the Yolanda victims

Recall the monstrous earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan back in 2011 causing untold death and suffering there. The stoicism and quiet grace with which the Japanese greeted the unimaginable destruction and loss of life, mobilised its forces to assess and respond, and reached out to the global community to receive assistance speaks volumes […]

Call to action: Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw

You can easily tell that Filipinos aren’t a very reflective people. Go to any public place — a mall, a department store, a train station — or take a ride in a public utility vehicle like a bus or jeepney and chances are your senses will be assaulted by loud monotonously-throbbing music punctuated by tacky […]

‘God must really love the Filipinos’

Nowadays, it seems like the Roman Catholic Church is getting a long-overdue media boost, what with the recent canonisation of new Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod and the elevation to Cardinal of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle by Pope Benedict XVI. Filipinos in their renownedly short attention spans have lapped it all up. Nothing like good […]

Should celebration of Catholic masses be allowed in shopping malls?

The archdiocese of New York City (NYC) recently implemented a ruling that puts an end to a 26-year tradition of the Filipino community in that city of celebrating their Simbang Gabi pre-Christmas late night masses at the Philippine Center in Fifth Avenue. Last December 2011, NYC Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan had allowed the masses to […]