Are Yellows Even Capable of Arguing Intelligently?

Let’s do a little bit of math. Take the total number of official state sanctioned extrajudicial killings under President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. Finished googling CHR, Human Rights Watch and Rappler figures yet? Great! Now take the number of Botox shots Kris Aquino takes “to get rid of her migranes”. Put the two figures […]

Why We Should Never Discount Faith In Seeking The Truth

Do not lose faith in the Lord all because you got carried away with your philosophy courses. It is natural for a growing mind to tend to stick with what makes sense rather than accept an idea that almost seems like a leap of faith, but remember that while we all want to get to […]

You snooze you lose when it comes to controlling your inner emo

What do you do when one part of your mind tells you “this is all so wrong…” and another part of it says “…but it feels so right”?? We’ve all likely been in at least one relationship where, at an intellectual level, all the alarm bells just keep ringing throughout. Heck, I was in one […]

Reflections on Truth

In a society wrought with crises and treachery, the importance of two concepts become more and more pronounced; truth and justice. Countless adages and proverbs were associated with the two ideas; the truth will set you free… the truth hurts… justice delayed is justice denied, and so much more. The sheer influence of the concept […]