Isang Mensahe Para Kay Mocha Uson, Ang Bagong Myembro Ng MTRCB

Binibining Uson, Congratulations sa iyo, Ms. Uson! Isa ka na ngayong myembro ng MTRCB at mamamahala ng mga palabas dito sa ating bansa. Pag-pasensyahan mo na sana ang pagta-Tagalog ko dahil lumaki ako sa puder ng lolo kong Amerikano kaya hindi talaga ako sanay mag-type sa Tagalog. Bueno, pipilitin kong gawing maiksi at deretso ang […]

A Response To The Diskarte Vs. English Debate

This article by Kate Natividad has been around for a while but it seems that, as of late, it is once again gaining it’s fair share of viewers as the division between the haves and have-nots continues to rise with the current issues of the country. One one side, you have the rich elites in […]

WTF! Pinoy Immorality On Wattpad?

I never thought it would come to this ladies and gentlemen. I thought maybe, just maybe, there were at least enough Filipinos out there with some decency left in their hearts and souls. I thought that, maybe if some of them did vote for Manny Pacquiao, they would have enough good sense to know the difference between […]

3 Annoying Cliches From Pinoy Horror Shows And My Suggestions For Improvement

So now that I’ve tackled the subject of comedy in the Philippines, it’s time for me to tackle my favorite genre: Horror. In case you haven’t noticed, my works of fiction here on GRP The Santo Nino of Innocencia, Noon-Time Horror Show and Deep are all works of horror. This is because fear is a very […]

Dark Fantasy: Another Unpopular Genre In The Philippines

I remember writing a brief piece about cosmic horror and why it isn’t exactly popular in the Philippines. Well, truth be told, since it’s more about leaving it to the viewer to his or her imagination, it’s more than a little hard for typical Pinoys to understand, let alone appreciate, the idea of cosmic horror. […]

Alternative Media (Part 12): Needful Things

Well ladies and gentlemen, Halloween is fast on the approach and, after that, will be Christmas again. Before Yuletide season comes along though and floods us with problems like providing gifts for our godchildren, putting up our Christmas lights without getting electrocuted for our troubles and finding legally sold fireworks though, I’d first like to […]

Should Filipinos Go Back to Pursuing Excellence in English?

Through the years, I have witnessed the steady decline of Filipinos in about almost everything they used to be good at, and one area is in their command of the English language. While neighboring countries like Korea and Japan have only recently realized the great value of this de-facto language of choice in today’s highly […]

Injustice in Academia: One of the Nation’s Biggest Problems

I’m sure all of you here have seen, heard or read all the hullabaloo about Krisel Mallari’s abrasive and rather unprofessional speech during her graduation. No doubt it will probably remain a simmering topic even near the end of this year but I think that, once again, we Filipinos are missing something here. I think, we […]