Isang Mensahe Para Kay Mocha Uson, Ang Bagong Myembro Ng MTRCB

Binibining Uson, Congratulations sa iyo, Ms. Uson! Isa ka na ngayong myembro ng MTRCB at mamamahala ng mga palabas dito sa ating bansa. Pag-pasensyahan mo na sana ang pagta-Tagalog ko dahil lumaki ako sa puder ng lolo kong Amerikano kaya hindi talaga ako sanay mag-type sa Tagalog. Bueno, pipilitin kong gawing maiksi at deretso ang […]

A Response To The Diskarte Vs. English Debate

This article by Kate Natividad has been around for a while but it seems that, as of late, it is once again gaining it’s fair share of viewers as the division between the haves and have-nots continues to rise with the current issues of the country. One one side, you have the rich elites in […]

How Our Laziness Contributes To The Destruction Of Our Country

Before I begin, let it be known that I am also quite a slacker. Indeed, I suppose just about everyone feels lazy every now and again. Unfortunately, as individuals, we take simple “laziness” to a whole new level. It’s one thing to slack off at work every now and again, but it’s something else entirely […]

The Problems with an Education in the Philippines

Well, I’ve already said quite a bit about the media, I know. However, I think it’s time we got to discuss the possible solutions to the rapidly degenerating literacy rate of the Philippines. First and foremost, just like Rizal, I think that education is indeed key to the success of any country. If we really […]

From Third World to First: Singapore Elder Statesman Lee Kuan Yew’s insights on Filipinos

We take it for granted that material and accounts that provide priceless outsiders’ perspectives on the Philippines are so readily available for all to learn from but forget (1) how books are prohibitively expensive to most Filipinos and (2) how most Filipinos lack any inclination to read books to begin with. So it is worth […]

Microsoft Office now on iPad: Bozo-authored Power Point slides just got a boost

So Microsoft Office is now available on the iPad. Should we care? I believe the more fundamental question to ask is this: Do people really do important stuff on a tablet device? I have serious doubts. Tablets and other touch-screen devices have long been pitched as toys. Get on Google and search for the “top […]