Jinkee Pacquiao MEGA cover over-photoshopped?

Media giant ABS-CBN “reported” a while back how Jinkee Pacquiao became more beautiful in what comes across more as an infomercial than the work of real journalism, pitching a cocktail of “products” that account for her new look: Smart Lipo to help her lose 20 pounds; Body Tite which is “a body remodelling procedure from […]

Inquirer report on Ruffa Gutierrez’s tummy tuck: News or infomercial?

Jinkee Pacquiao gaining her husband Manny’s “loyalty” and Ruffa Gutierrez’s sob story about the lawlaw (loose) skin on her tummy following her pregnancy. It’s a news report written by a certain Alex Y. Vergara for the “Wellness” section of the Inquirer.net that comes across like a mashup of celebrity endorsements for a cosmetic surgery product […]