Get Lewd, Philippines

Filipino social media was all abuzz when pictures of a Liberal Party birthday celebration were spread all over the place. At this celebration of Congressman Benjie Agarao, sexy dancing girls called the Playgirls suddenly came up on the stage and did things that should have been done only in shady strip clubs. It was claimed […]

Filipinos see a better future in foreign war zones than in the Philippines

You know a country has really sunk to an unprecedented depth of wretchedness when its own citizens would prefer to remain in a war zone over taking their chances on a return to the “safety” of their homeland. Such is what describes the rather embarrassing situation in the Philippine government’s efforts to repatriate up to […]

US Amb Chris Stevens dead after former Arab Spring revolutionary fighters storm Libya US consulate

See, the thing with being in bed with rogue states is that you get bitten eventually. Governments tend to reflect the character of the people they subject. You can argue that Libya was ruled by an iron fist by Muammar Gaddafi for much of its recent history. But there is nothing really “victim-like” in how […]

Focus on the future eludes Filipinos despite an abundance of lessons

In the past several weeks, many things have happened that rocked the globe and will likely have ramifications over the next six to 12 months that we can only begin to understand today. Consider that even so-called experts struggle to piece together a picture of what the world might look like in the mid-term under […]

Lessons learned from weeks spent doting upon Arab People Power

First we cheered on stirrings of what we described as impending “people power” Edsa-style revolutions that started in Tunisia and spread over the rest of North Africa. Quick to fancy ourselves as the doting grand-daddies of this sort of “grassroots-initiated” change movement, we tweeted, blogged, Facebook-“liked”, re-tweeted, and email-forwarded various newsbits and factoids that made […]