Leila De Lima’s tirade against Rodrigo Duterte could be tantamount to sedition

Watching another one of Philippine Senator Leila De Lima’s press conferences where she goes hysterical and spews conspiracy theories about President Rodrigo Duterte made me realise that freedom of speech is being abused by a lot of Filipinos. Those who enjoy the privilege of venting their frustration against the President like De Lima are the […]

Senator Cayetano Dares Foreign Media To Admit They Were Fooled

De Lima’s EJK Witness Testimony Discredited Senator Leila De Lima, yet again, walked out of the Senate’s inquiry on extra judicial killings. Trailing her teary exit were words from Senate Committee Justice Chairman Dick Gordon pointing out that it was cowardice to walk out of the senate inquiry. Prior to the dramatic turn in the […]

Hysterical Leila de Lima is not the right woman to represent women

The ongoing war of words between Senator Leila De Lima and her political enemies headed by President Rodrigo Duterte has some feminist groups in the Philippines up in arms, labelling criticism against De Lima as misogynist and a form of sexual harassment. They are using the gender card in defending De Lima. As a female, […]

Aquino government’s failures made Philippine problems harder to fix

I was compelled to start blogging in 2009 about Philippine politics and culture after I read a report that former President Benigno Simeon Aquino III who was then still a Senator announced that he will be running for President in 2010. I found it extremely ridiculous that the reason why he decided to run was […]

Demonizing political enemies is a tradition of the Aquino gov’t that De Lima was a part of

After being ousted as chairman of the Senate Justice Committee, Leila De Lima is, predictably, playing the victim card, claiming that she no longer “feels safe”… De Lima said she was not confident whether Philippines security agencies would protect her. “Can I rely on the government and (Philippines National Police) for safety or (National Bureau […]

De Lima should learn from Arroyo how to suffer with quiet dignity when under fire

It’s beginning to emerge that there was a rivalry between gang leaders Herbert Colangco and Jaybee Sebastian within the New Bilibid Prison. It seems, in the midst of all that, Sebastian emerged as the one favoured for coddling by the Philippine Government during the administration of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. Senator Leila […]

F U to the EU, says Duterte

So anti-Duterte Senator Leila De Lima has been ousted as the chairman of the Senate Justice Committee. Although the main reasons why De Lima’s colleagues removed the chairmanship from her were about her bias, her misuse of the Senate to advance her political vendetta against the President, and her poor handling of the investigation on […]

De Lima a failure as head of the CHR and DOJ, now also a failure as a senator

“I might be jumping to conclusions, but what if it is true?” Those are the words of Senator Leila De Lima in her privilege speech right after she said “The implication is that we have a group of serial killers and mass murderers right within the ranks of the organization which is supposed to protect […]