Manny Pacquiao highlights the whole problem with Filipinos

It seems Filipino sports fandom had achieved a milestone following the results of Manny Pacquiao’s loss to Jeff Horn by unanimous decision. Unlike in the past when Filipinos were united behind Pacquiao, response to the outcome of the fight is now divided along, you guessed it, political partisan lines. It seems Filipinos know nothing about […]

Manny Pacquiao In The Senate: Proof That Pinoys Are Idiots

I never thought I’d be writing this to be honest. In truth, I really believed for just a moment that there may be hope for the Filipino people. That perhaps, on some level, there was enough of God’s wisdom that existed within their hearts for them to think critically and make the right choice. That […]

The criminal in senators’ clothing that is Antonio Trillanes

If there is anything or anyone that epitomises everything that is wrong with the Philippines, it is none other than “senator” Antonio Trillanes. I enclose “senator” in quotes whenever I refer to Trillanes because he is one only because a piece of paper says so. In spirit he is anything but. Indeed, even the idea […]

Voting For President Is Pointless If You Forget the Legislative Branch

Have you decided on who you’ll vote for congressman of your district yet? Have you tried looking beyond the hype of the executive, and instead analyzed the people who could be senators soon?  Or have you been too caught up in the nationwide fanaticism that surrounds the 2016 presidential elections, you’ve probably forgotten that there are […]

Why Disrespect for Laws Continues to Cripple the Philippines

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to lay it before you now that I have never really been a big fan of the Philippine legislative sector and the laws it churns out. I am willing to admit to the fact that I am an anarchist in a sense that I have always looked down on the […]

Why do Filipinos keep voting for crooks?

What’s in Filipinos’ heads everytime they go to the polling booth on election day? That’s the million dollar question every politician wants the answer to. For that matter, it’s the question that’s flumoxed political analysts for decades. And it is specially relevant now that much of the Executive and Legislative branches have been revealed for […]

Indeed, the REAL issue is not the Philippines — it is Filipinos

Indeed, the Philippines is a wild trail that needs to be negotiated. And as experienced trackers and wilderness negotiators will point out, navigating a wild trail is not for the faint-hearted and dimwitted. You need brains, you need stamina, you need guts. Do Filipinos have any of those virtues? Well now, don’t get us started. […]

Discretionary power over public funds: How much pork does a Philippine president really need?

The raging controversy surrounding pork barrel thievery in Congress and Malacañang highlights just how weak a state the Philippines is. It is weak because its people rely on “strong leadership” as a proxy to what should be a grassroots bottom-up approach to applying what, by now, should be a deeply-ingrained sense of civic duty. Instead […]