How Lebron James reminds me of Noynoy Aquino

By now, those following the Finals series of the National Basketball Association (NBA) will have known that the Golden State Warriors (Dubs) defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 105-97, to win the championship in six games, 4-2. Furthermore, basketball fanatics rooting for the Cavaliers (Cavs) will tell you that their superstar, LeBron James, in the absence of […]

Can LeBron Really Relieve The Most Tortured City In Sports?

“Cleveland, city of light , city of magic” Randy Newman “Burn On” The opening song to Major League (1989)         I have no doubt that Pinoys know NBA basketball. I do doubt that many understand why “The Return” really is a big deal for the city of Cleveland. In the Philippines the […]

CNN Is Proud of the Filipino/ Paul Walker Heroics Bola Lang Yan

    “What a fool believes, he sees” – The Doobie Brothers   My Strategic Management professor was good at what he did. He has seen it all. Putting the finishing touches on MBA students in the classroom before they face their grilling in front of three professors. Part of this prep includes grilling students […]

Did you root for the Miami Heat’s opponent? Hater!

As GRP colleague ChinoF has pointed out, as long as someone who wins any international competition possesses even a tinge of Filipino blood, despite not even growing up here or honing his/her talents here, then Filipinos will, predictably, latch on to that person’s success and claim it as a victory of the Filipinos as a […]

LeBron Says It’s More Fun In The Philippines!

“Co-hosting detracts from my essential specialness in the marketplace”. Larry Sanders mantra to himself as coached by his agent Stevie Grant How many of you saw this? How many of you believe this? How many of you know people who saw this and believe this? Like I have said many times before there is nothing […]