Jejomar Binay’s move to criticize Noynoy Aquino is part of democratic process

Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay is a free man, at least for now. Lately, Binay has been using that freedom to advance his causes. After all, he lives in a so-called “democratic” country that supposedly champions “freedom of speech”. Those who think that Binay should stop criticizing the performance of the current government under President […]

Kris Aquino on an UNFOLLOW rampage versus #PNoy critics!

So now we know why PNoy’s social media fans behave the way they do. When they see or read something on the Net they disagree with, they unfollow or even “block” the person who published or re-shared/retweeted it. That is what Kris Aquino did as well after she felt “offended” by “friends” who she found […]

Noytard Free Zone

I am a repeat offender. I went to last year’s abolish the pork barrel protest  and as you may guess by now, things have gotten worse in the last 12 months.  My one year old thoughts are found here.  I am not a journalist by any stretch of the imagination. I just develop ideas and […]

Filipinos are squandering the biggest opportunity they’ve ever had to abolish Pork Barrel politics!

Perhaps it is time members of Congress get dragged into the streets and sat before a panel of the people they “represent” and explain why they are entitled to their pork. The “debate” around why or why they shouldn’t be entitled to a slush fund to dole out to their “constituents” has gotten crazy. Pork […]

Malacanang gives former starlet Lani Mercado the time of day

It’s as if it weren’t an infantile enough act that Lani Mercado, Cavite Representative and wife of imprisoned Senator Bong Revilla would announce her plans to spitefully skip attending the 28th July State of the Nation Address (SONA) of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III on account of her fears that she and Revilla […]

Singer Leah Navarro and the intellectual bankruptcy of Philippine society

Interesting insight into how the mind of a die-hard celebrity “activist” works. Attempts to discuss ideas simply fly over some people’s heads because of a seeming inability to lift the level of discourse from political people and events to the stratosphere of world-class thinking where ideas are the primary currency of discourse. Evidence of this […]

Those who rally against Noynoy Aquino’s government’s abuse of power are heroes

Would you go to a protest rally because someone told you to do so or because you feel passionate enough about an issue that compels you to go? If your answer is the former, then you should just stay home because you will most likely end up complaining about how your efforts were useless if […]

EVERYONE is a suspect: Vast infrastructure of pork barrel thievery on the verge of being revealed!

The Law is catching up with what may be hundreds of politicians who are likely to have made a killing skimming hefty “living allowances” off the ‘Priority Development Assistance Funds’ (more commonly known as the pork barrel). Senator Jinggoy Estrada, for one, issued what some call a preemptive palusot reportedly saying that he fears that […]