Hardly surprising: Institutionalised prostitution in the Philippine Government’s Middle Eastern outposts

It’s hardly even surprising that such things have been happening all along for so long. The Philippines’ Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW) export industry is huge — at least 2 million Filipinos residing overseas can be classified as OFWs. The National Statistics Office (NSO) reportedly estimates that more than 52 percent of these are females and […]

First Quarter 7.8% annual growth in Ph economy: The Bottom Line

Reports of economic growth in the Philippines as measured by its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reaching an annualised 7.8 percent in the first quarter of the year is sending waves of optimism rippling across Philippine society. One of the centrepieces of the newly-booming economy put up by recent reports on this economic phenomenon such as […]

Alienation and Estrangement: In Defense of Humanism

  In 1844, a young German philosopher wrote a book entitled “The Philosophic and Economic Manuscripts”. The said writer is no other than Karl Marx. In that work, Marx begun to examine, analyze and scrutinize the concept of alienation (entausserung). The other term that he used is estrangement (entfremdung). Marx’s central thesis is that: The […]

The Rediscovery and Re-enchantment of Our Humanity: in Honor of the May Day and In Defense of the Global Occupy Movement

The present times are complicatedly so fast and furious. So fast the pacing that we forget to stop and pause to enjoy the quality time with our family and savor the moment with our friends! We are so concern with so many pressing issues and material needs that we forgot the importance of silence, of […]

Raising Standards for Domestic Workers

Although the record of the current administration of the Philippines with respect to regulating labor has been unimpressive so far, Republic Act 10361, also known as the Batas Kasambahay or “Domestic Workers’ Act,” which took effective on February 10, is a notable exception. The law, which was signed by President Aquino on January 18, provides […]

The Minimum Wage Puzzle

Although the topic has not appeared on the media radar for a couple months, the always-contentious issue of the minimum wage will again be front-page news in 2013, if everything goes according to the Aquino Administration’s plans. By the end of this year, the government has a goal to replace the current minimum wage regulations […]

My List of the Best and Worst of Life in the Philippines

I don’t recall ever coming up with a personal List of the Best and Worst things about living in the Philippines.  In a practical sense for my lifestyle demands, I would have to say the worst aspects out number the best nevertheless; the things that are best here are very special and hard to come by […]

The empty rhetoric surrounding Labor Day in the Philippines

It’s labour day again in the Philippines. A colleague of mine noted the irony in this celebrated occasion being a “non-working” holiday. But the way that irony and many others simply fly over pointed heads in a society renowned for missing simple points is another topic for another occasion. The more important thing to observe, […]