Why Filipinos Fail to Detect Satire

Many Filipinos fall victim to satire sites. I myself admittedly had been taken by a few, being unfamiliar with them. One recent article tries to analyze why most Filipinos are unable to understand or detect satire. The reason given is the lack of intellectualism that allows one to understand it. I agree this is one […]

Filipinos need to stop whining about their pride…

Instead, they need to step up and substantiate such pride with actual accomplishments that collectively, they can be proud of. The Pinoy Pridists, as fellow GRP author ChinoF likes to call them, descended en masse upon his article “Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines”. The nature of commentary left there brought to light […]

Outrage Fad erupts over Cosmetic Joke by British Comedienne

British Canadian comedienne Katherine Ryan is in Filipino crosshairs for yet another episode of misguided Filipino outrage. She recently told a joke which mentions “Filipinos,” which you can see in the accompanying pic, at a cosmetics industry event. It was part of “things unlikely to be heard in a cosmetics factory,” which obviously contains inside […]