Why Can’t SM Baguio Bashers See The Bigger Environmental Sin

On TV Patrol, I saw and heard Ka Noli De Castro introduce and SET THE TONE on a report about the cutting of SM Baguio’s 60 trees this way: “Pinutol na ang anim na pung puno sa Luneta Hill dahil sa itatayong seven storey sky park ng isang mall sa Baguio City. Ito’y kahit na nasa […]

Court Dismisses Save 182’s Case Against SM Baguio

But Baguio Tree Huggers say “WE WUZ ROBBED! Judge was ‘bribed’” A typical and pervasive Filipino dysfunction is the unwillingness to accept defeat. Even in instances where the defeat is incontestable (such as Manny Pacquiao’s knock out), Filipinos will find a way to question the fact that they’ve lost. The usual and by now hopelessly cliched accusations will […]