Get Real Alma Moreno!

This article is a response to this article in regards to Alma Moreno’s decision to run for senate and how easily she seems to have become a candidate… “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” ~Karl Marx Look guys, it’s time I came out and finally said it: No, leadership is not an easy task […]

5 Changes For Political Candidacy That May Improve The Philippines

With Alma Moreno’s video showcasing her incompetence with her interview with Karen Davila becoming viral, I think it’s time we got to the point and told our readers (and the powers that be) of what we want to happen. You see, based on what we’ve seen so far, majority of political parties harbor their fair […]

5 Big Reasons Why We Should Take The 2016 Elections More Seriously

After viewing the full video of Alma Moreno’s latest interview and hearing of her intent to run for senate, I cannot help but lament the possible future of the Filipino people. What’s worse is that despite the fact that she has easily destroyed her own credibility in the interview proper, it’s still likely that a […]

Senate candidate Alma Moreno comes out a boob in interview with Karen Davila

A video of ABS CBN News veteran telejournalist Karen Davila interviewing Filipino actress Alma Moreno is making waves. Moreno is running for senator under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) party, led by presidential candidate Jejomar Binay. The video has gone viral thanks to Moreno’s cringe-worthy responses to Davila’s pointed questions. Here are transcripts of some […]

‘Full-blooded’ Filipinas do Miss Universe: Riza Santos and Ariella Arida

Two “100% full blooded” Filipinas who have bagged slots in this year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant are making waves and are going to be sharing rooms! Gee whiz! So there’s Miss Canada, Riza Santos and, of course, Miss Philippines Ariella Arida. Arida, described as a “24-year-old stunner” lists among her current pursuits an effort to […]

Crowdsourcing Raissa Robles’s shoplifting allegations

Recently we exhibited the most current case study of the banal bias that top-dog Filipino media network ABS-CBN consistently applies in its “news reporting” when it featured as its top headline a blog post by “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles on the alleged vast United States property portfolio held by Chief Justice Renato Corona. According to […]

Day 13: Impeachment prosecutor Rudy Fariñas spices up trial and charms media personalities

It looks like Ilocos Norte Rep. Rudy Fariñas might be laying the groundwork for a completely different approach to prosecuting Chief Justice Renato Corona. In what was described in an ABS-CBN “report” as an episode that provided “some unexpected comic relief” to the impeachment trial, Fariñas delivered a fine performance for the cameras as he […]