The Control-Freak “Disente” have skewed the Concept of Freedom

The recent brouhaha over Faceook hiring and implementing “fact-checkers” and also blocking mechanisms against suspected “fake news” has many people in an uproar. Such people believe that the basis of this “fact-checking” is not real fact-checking, but partisan views and whether certain ideas agree with or offend them. It would be subjective, not objective. Because […]

Mae Paner a.k.a. Juana Change cannot win against the Philippine Army and Mocha Uson

The “debate” on whether it is right that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) plans to sue shock “activist” Mae Paner (a.k.a. “Juana Change”) for disrespecting the uniform continues to rage. Paner donned a military costume as part of a “protest” spectacle she staged during the second State of the Nation Address delivered by […]

Filipinos are squandering the biggest opportunity they’ve ever had to abolish Pork Barrel politics!

Perhaps it is time members of Congress get dragged into the streets and sat before a panel of the people they “represent” and explain why they are entitled to their pork. The “debate” around why or why they shouldn’t be entitled to a slush fund to dole out to their “constituents” has gotten crazy. Pork […]

Senator JV Ejercito exacts groundbreaking apology from Napoles List mongerers!

Until recently, the core dysfunction in the collective thinking faculties of Philippine society has largely gone unpenalised. Careers have been broken, people unjustly imprisoned, and suicides committed because of this. The current imbroglio that Philippine politics has now found itself neck-deep in following the grossly-misguided release of various lists of alleged pork barrel thieves by […]

Demand for disclosure of ‘Napoles’s List’: Is the #ScrapPork Network a serious activist movement?

The clamor to have a document containing a list of members of Congress who allegedly had dealings with accused pork barrel scam ringleader Janet Lim-Napoles is growing louder, fueled by indignation mongering drummed up by both traditional and social media. Leading the charge is a certain “Scrap Pork Network” (or just #ScrapPork), a coalition of […]

The prosecution’s violations should compel the senators to call for a mistrial

The impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona goes on a break for five weeks for the Lenten season. You have to wonder why the Senate cannot even be flexible enough to delay the schedule of their regular hiatus considering the country is gripped with a matter that is of utmost importance that does not […]