Wrong Filipino Attitudes about Work

It’s easy to observe that some Filipinos don’t like work. Gogs wrote about why Filipinos don’t value work. Filipinos are afraid of failure before success and just want to become famous without any effort. But aside from that, I see a few other things about Filipino views toward work that may affect how they make […]

My timeline is filled with Fake News Crybabies!

You know why “activists” in the Opposition camp are not going anywhere nowadays? It’s because they keep whining about “fake news”. Fake news this, fake news that. To them, all the Philippines’ problems of today can be summarised in two words: (1) “fake” and (2) “news”. This is a disturbing developing trend. It highlights an […]

Does Duterte-Fanaticism Personify Filipino Nastiness?

When thinking of the character of the Filipinos, I am reminded of a taxi driver who said, when you’re in the city, you can’t be “mabait.” Instead, keep making “tutok.” Maybe he meant asserting yourself, but it could also mean that you should be mean and aggressive to others. Perhaps you have heard of some […]

What does the Filipino want?

The Filipino desperately declares to the rest of the world that he is the best among the lot, yet the current political, economic, and social states of his country, the mannerisms of his people, and the quality of his thinking prove otherwise. What does the Filipino want? The Filipino claims that being a colony for […]

GetRealPhilippines.com continues its tradition as the ONLY Real Deal in Philippine Media in 2013!

Victim mentalities. It is the dysfunctional mindset underlying the empty rhetoric of “change” that so-called “activists” espouse while consistently failing to grasp the irony in doing so. The currency of this activist rhetoric is “the poor”. The entire activist rhetoric is premised on the notion of “the poor” necessarily being in the losing end of […]

Noynoying and the national philosophy of Pakitang-Taoism

Contrary to popular belief, Roman Catholicism is not the state religion of the Philippines. The state religion is really sort of a sub-belief system or sect of Roman Catholicism called Pakitang Taoism — really more a philosophy than a religion, to be fair. But while Roman Catholicism provides a regimented framework of dogmas offering a […]