Josie Rizal and Her Detractors: Another Case of Pinoy Stupidity

Ladies and gentlemen, I have always been big on video games. I’ve played a lot of games over the years and I’m about as hardcore as you can get when it comes to being a gamer. I play all day, all night and in between. Right now, I’m currently playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and […]

Why Filipinos’ obssession with Marian Rivera mirrors Philippine politics

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t believe Marian Rivera fantards are “doing anything wrong”. They’re just being themselves. And we have to respect that. They’re sort of like scorpions. They sting because that is what scorpions do. There’s really nothing wrong with stinging if you have the brain of a scorpion. Fantardism is an interesting […]

How Filipinos killed his fellow

Makulilim noong hapong iyon, araw ng pamilihan sa kabisera kaya’t doble ang bilang ng mga rumorondang gwardia sibil sa kabayanan. Noong araw na iyon ay umalis ang ina ni Pepe upang bumili ng karne kaya’t naisipan niyang mamasyal sa tabi ng ilog. Malayu layo na ang kanyang nalakad nang makita niya ang bangkerong si Lucas […]

Why Simple Solutions Won’t Work In The Philippines

After a brief discussion with some of my friends, we considered the idea that what if we allowed common Filipino citizens to carry guns the same way that Americans do, the “right to bear arms”, so to speak. One commenter here on GRP even mentioned it, if I remember correctly. The discussion went around for a […]

We are all still waiting for technology to make our lives better

You gotta give credit to those who cheer on the inroads technology is relentlessly making into people’s personal lives. Technology, they say, is “making lives better” by “empowering” ordinary people to take greater “control over their lives”. The nebulous banter seems to resonate with consumers who remain wide-eyed in anticipation for the coming of the […]

Senator Pia Cayetano: Some proper perspective is due the whole Torre de Manila brouhaha

While I find a bit justified the whole stink being raised around the way the Torre de Manila highrise condominiums being constructed in Manila by developer DMCI Homes is supposedly “ruining” the view of the Rizal Monument, I think we are missing the bigger picture. Metro Manila is an ugly city. And that ugliness did […]

Insulted much? Talaga lang huh!

The viral issue at smacks of cultural ignorance on the publisher and on the educational system disseminating it. We are at an Age where Diversity is being embraced by the enlightened and I could have easily snapped back with this highly suggested “Widow” edit : “I am Chinese and my government is Asia’s bully, […]

Pinoy Game Of Thrones: More On The Filipino Attitude Towards Competition

Fallen Angel wrote a great, thought provoking post on the Filipino attitude towards competition and you can find it here. One part of the post that I’d like to try to elaborate on is this: Filipino society is basically one big survival of the fittest jungle. Individual Filipinos will step on each other to get that shiny […]