The Real Pinoy Problem: Colonial Mentality Or Cultural Ignorance

There’s certainly been a lot of hullabaloo after President Rodrigo Duterte allegedly cursed American President Barrack Obama. As a matter of fact, there have been more than a few articles written about it as of late. There are those that say that President Rodrigo Duterte should learn some manners or at least some diplomatic tact and then […]

‘A Second Chance’ is a pointless concept in a nation where divorce is illegal

Do Filipino married couples deserve “A Second Chance”? According to Philippine law, it’s a pointless question — because divorce is illegal in the Philippines. What then are Filipino couples’ options? Nothing, actually. Filipinos must make their marriages work come hell or high water — because marriage failure is not an option under Philippine law. If […]

Sam Concepcion ‘not classy enough’ according to Anne Curtis!

Seriously? Anne Curtis thinks Sam Concepcion is not “classy” enough to be in Vice Ganda’s party at the Century City Mall? Well, fair enough. Anne was, reportedly, drunk after all. Again. On top of that, bystanders recounted in that same report how Anne proceeded to “bash Sam’s car, saying that his car was no match […]

2013’s Strong Words

The year 2013 was the year where disasters and scandals decided to, well, troll the country. The damages went almost irreversible, and forever changed the lives of many. But even though that the past year was unpleasant to the optimistic Pinoys, here I am sitting on a chair marveling at the wonders of life. But […]

Anne Curtis’s business sense: ‘I can buy your friends, and this club!’

Poor little rich starlet Anne Curtis, caught behaving badly in no less than the Privé Luxury Club. Tsk tsk. Turns out these artistas aren’t too far off from the characters they portray in Pinoy movies. Sampal sampal pag may time. Lol! Thing is, she had to make sampal sampal no less than John Lloyd Cruz […]